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Customs’ Airport Dual-Channel or Red/Green System

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The Department of Customs has advised that effective November 19, 2012, it will commence the operation of a dual-channel declaration system at the L.F. Wade International Airport.

Commonly referred to as a "red/green system", the dual-channel system is based on a recommendation of the World Customs Organisation (WCO) for a simplified customs control of arriving travellers and their baggage.

The system is in use by border control agencies in many countries around the world including the UK.

Desiring to contribute to the efforts to improve the flow of passenger traffic at the L.F. Wade International Airport without reducing the effectiveness of customs controls, Government announced its intention to introduce a dual-channel system in the 2012 – 2013 Budget Statement.

In the intervening months, the Customs Department has worked closely with the Department of Airport Operations, the Department of Communication and Information and the Attorney General's Chambers on the necessary physical partitioning, signage and legislation to support the smooth operation of the system.

Persons travelling during the month of October will have noticed that airport Customs has been conducting a series of simulation exercises in order to familiarize themselves with the altered flow of passengers and to identify and address any operational issues arising prior to the official establishment of the dual-channel system.

The dual-channel system allows arriving air travellers to choose between two types of channel:

1. A green channel for travellers having with them –

Ø no more than their duty free allowances

Ø no prohibited or restricted goods

Ø no more than BDA $10,000 (or equivalent) in cash or negotiable instruments

2. A red channel for travellers having with them –

Ø goods that exceed their duty free allowances

Ø goods for business use

Ø prohibited or restricted goods

Ø more than BDA $10,000 (or equivalent) in cash or negotiable instruments

Each channel will be clearly and distinctively signposted so that the choice between them can easily be understood by travellers. The basic distinctive marking shall be as follows:

a) For the green channel a green coloured sign bearing the shape of a regular octagon, the word "Customs" and the words "Nothing to declare" (refer to Annex 1 attached).

b) For the red channel a red coloured sign bearing the shape of a square, the word "Customs enquiries" and the words "Goods to declare" (Refer to Annex 2 attached).

The red and green channels will be located beyond the baggage reclaim area so that travellers will have all their baggage with them when choosing their channel.

Entering the green channel will be considered to be a declaration that the traveller has nothing to declare. In the green channel travellers will not be subject to any customs formalities but customs officers may make spot checks.

In the red channel travellers will be required to present their CTD to a customs officer. The customs officer will either refer the traveller for baggage inspection or direct them to the exit without inspection. Under normal circumstances it is to be expected that most travellers in the red channel will exit without inspection.

Customs will ensure that travellers are sufficiently well informed to choose between the channels before they enter the dual-channel system. For this purpose travellers will be told about the functioning of the system and about the descriptions and quantities of goods they may have with them when using the green channel or the red channel.

This will be done by means of informational panels at the airport and by means of an information leaflet entitled "Clearing Customs". This leaflet will be available to the public at the airport on the Customs department website under "TRAVELLERS".

Other on-line information will include instructions on completing the Customs Traveller Declaration (Form 98), together with guidance on declaring cash and negotiable instruments, claiming traveller allowances and declaring restricted goods.

Any questions regarding the airport dual-channel system may be sent by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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