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The Department of Human Resources Announces New Job Application Process for the Civil Service

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The Department of Human Resources is pleased to announce that, as of April 1st, 2013, the Government of Bermuda will implement its first Human Resources Information Management System (HRIMS). The system will offer greater efficiencies in the areas of recruitment, learning and development, and performance management.

This new system will mean that those seeking employment within the Government of Bermuda will apply online at rather than submitting a hard copy as is the current process, although some exceptions do apply.

One of the benefits for applicants is that the first time they apply on-line for an advertised post, information relating to their personal contact information, qualifications, experience, and work history is saved in their personal profile in the system. The new system will allow candidates to upload, save and then update their profiles as changes arise. Therefore, when applicants view advertised positions they can apply with the click of a button.

Candidates locally and overseas will be able to log on anywhere and can submit their applications at any time of the day by the closing date.

A benefit for candidates applying for positions and the Government of Bermuda is the anticipated reduction in the time to hire on average by 10 weeks for recruitment conducted locally and 12 weeks for overseas recruitment.

For those unsuccessful applicants their information will be retained in the Government system. This will enable the Department of Human Resources to quickly search their database of potential candidates on behalf of employing departments who may have employment opportunities for similar posts.

For persons who may not be comfortable using the computer, these individuals will be required to complete a hard copy application, together with any other forms that are required and submit it to the relevant location as instructed in the advertisement.

"It should be noted that the system will not be used for all positions that are advertised in the Official Gazette," said the Director of Human Resources Mrs. Carlita O'Brien. "Therefore, if you see a post advertised in the newspaper, and then you go on line and do not see the post on our Careers site this is an indication that your application will have to be manually submitted, mailed or faxed (if a number is provided) to the location as instructed in the advertisement."

"We are committed to becoming a World Class Public Service and the HRIM System is a tool that will enable us to make tremendous strides in that direction," explained Mrs. O'Brien. "This system will take us from a manual system to a system that will greatly increase our efficiency and effectiveness. With the implementation of the HRIMS we will be better positioned to provide our clients with service excellence and thereby the people of Bermuda will benefit."

As well as the 'Talent Acquisition' component there is also a 'Talent Management' element to the HRIM System which will allow the Department to provide support to employees through performance management, skills and competency management, 360 Degree feedback, Career & Succession Planning, Learning Management.

"Effective recruitment is crucial to the successful day-to-day functioning of the Government of Bermuda," said Mrs. O'Brien.

"In short, we are in competition for the best talent, and want to ensure candidates interested in employment with the Government of Bermuda have a positive experience."

For more information contact the Department of Human Resources at 279-2824.

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